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    Hi again

    I have now tried all solutions that you have given me and others, I still cant get it to work…the sidebar ends up at the bottom of the post


    I must be missing something here and would be very happy if you could tell me what it is.

    1 – I have added these things

    and in Propulsion: loop-portfolio-single.php (includes/loop-portfolio-single.php), I have done this

    </div> <!– end nine units –>



    //get the sidebar



    </div><!–end post-entry–>

    and this in the quick CSS


    #top.single-portfolio .fullwidth .sidebar {

    display: inline;


    .container .clear {

    clear: none !important;


    2 – I tried to use snipets of code from the blog template but now luck… allthough that is probbaly due to my level of html coding = none

    would love to know how to do this!

    many thsanks for all your help

    / John Sweden


    Hi John Sweden,

    Kindly remove the code you have added inside loop-portfolio-single.php (I believe this includes the get_sidebar). After you have removed it. Inside your WP Dashboard, edit that page and on the lower right find Layout and change it and choose “right sidebar” or you can have it to the left. Hope this helps. :)




    Hi Ismael

    Maybe Im missing something here but I can not find any “layout “option on the “portpolio item page” when choosing Portfolio Items in the WP dashboard.!

    On the lower right it only says..”Portfolio Catagories”

    / Regards John


    Hi John,

    Sorry about that, I was thinking about the Page. Just put the get_sidebar, the one you have customized above, make that customization again. And on the same file, try to find this code:

    echo "<div class='nine units'>";

    Replace it with:

    echo "<div class='six units'>";

    Hope this helps. :)





    Now is it possiable to move the “post titel portfolio singel post portfolio” to be placed above the actuall content, like in the blogpost layout.

    In this case…

    Detox för dig

    in Kinesiologi, Kost och Näring, test sidebar

    Millions of thx for fixing the first issue!!



    Hi John,

    I think we need to remodify our code again. :)

    Using the same file, the modified code:

    echo "<div class='six units'>";

    replace it with:

    echo "<div class='nine units alpha'>";

    And find this line of code, still in the same file:

    <div class="three units alpha blog-meta meta-color">

    replace it with:

    <div class="nine units alpha blog-meta meta-color">

    Hope this helps. :)




    works perfect!

    BUT NOW I WONDER.. how do I add specific widgets to these “portfolio item” sidebars?

    should I use this.. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -portfolio-item-page#post-63204

    and if so is this “widget-lodgic” a separate plug-in I need to download?

    I really would like to take this opportunity and thank ALL OF YOU for exellent support and advice!!!

    Millions of thx,




    I believe widget logic works fine. :)



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