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    So I’ve seen throughout the Support forum that activating Widget spaces for Categories can be done through the Newscast Theme Options/Sidebar and Footer. And even though everything is setup within the “Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories” and the checkbox is selected for “Display Widget areas for categories on posts of that category as well”, when I add a Newscast Advertising Widget to the newly created Category via the Widget section, it doesn’t show up on the post affiliated with that category – and yes, the category is checked off within the post. I’ve also tried the Widget Logic plugin using the Conditional Tags for category ID, Title, and Slug – separately and all three together, it still doesn’t show. Any suggestions? The site is still in Maintenance Mode so I can’t point you to it, we were supposed to launch today but we can’t get this to work. Help!



    did try to place the widget in the “Displayed Everywhere” widget area and use “Widget Logic” in addition?


    Display everywhere does work, but our ads are being placed by their respective subject (category). Widget Logic did not work for me. We ended up hiring a developer to do some custom mods to get this working, so far so good, though there are still some issues. Would have been nice to have this feature working from the start, really set us back quite a bit in our deadline and we had to lay out some cash to get it working properly.


    Sorry to hear this. Not sure why you couldn’t get Widget logic to work but I’ll ask Kriesi to look into the sidebar/widget issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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