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    thanks for this Angular Theme !

    1) i have created custom types in Porftolio items, with Advanced Custom Fields.

    I am now looking for how to make them appear in portfolio,

    for example i made a field named “chapeau” and i would make it appear instead of the post content (the WYSIWYG editor)

    in which php file must I place my code ? I do not find the right place !!

    2) do you think it is possible to use portfolio category sorting div and customize it to display images(linked to each category) instead of names of categories ? So when user click on images, it will sort the portfolio items linked to this category ?…

    Thanks for your help,


    (and excuse my english;)



    1) Open up wp-contentthemesangularincludesloop-portfolio-single.php and wp-contentthemesangularincludeshelper-templates.php and insert your “advanced custom fields code” below:

    $meta = avia_portfolio_meta($id);
    echo avia_advanced_hr(false, 'small');
    echo $meta;

    2) No, that’s not easily possible but you can hire a freelancer for this task.


    Thanks for your quick answer !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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