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    I would like to make the white background (with title and excerpt) in the accordion slider not so high. How can i make it slimmer? I thing its the matter of padding top and bottom from the excerpt and title, but im not sure



    You could decrease the padding – open up style.css and search for following line:

    #top .feature_excerpt{

    Decrease the first padding value of this element (I think it’s 10px by default).


    nope – not this one.

    maybe it would be easier to just make this white background on the slider a little bit lower


    You can only use the padding value because the height and the background position are generated dynamically based on the text length, size, etc.


    i thought so – so what value should i target if #top .feature_excerpt{ does’nt work


    You can try to adjust the padding for the .sliderheading and/or .slidercontent element. However the best solution would be to use the .feature_excerpt element. Maybe try a more specific css rule like:

    #top #featured .feature_excerpt{

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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