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    Hi guys, hope you can help.

    I’ve noticed that my homepage slider has developed a ‘flicker’ of text during the animation –

    I disabled all plugins and removed my custom CSS, but this did not fix the issue (so I’ve now re-enabled everything).

    Thanks in advance of any help.


    I’ve been looking into this some more by viewing my site with the latest version of each major desktop web browser.

    Seems like the problem is most obvious using Chrome (my main browser) and then Safari, but the flickering is not seen using Firefox or IE (although IE exhibits a different issue – the fonts are not loading correctly !)

    The flicker is also present on my phone using Chrome.

    I wonder if there is a simple fix using OPACITY or Z-INDEX ?



    Please try adding following code to bottom of Style.css file in Appearance > Editor

    body * { 
    -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);
    -moz-transform: translateZ(0);
    -ms-transform: translateZ(0);
    transform: translateZ(0); }

    Best regards,


    Thanks for your reply, Yigit. I added the CSS, but I can’t see that it’s made any difference.

    Using Firebug, perhaps these 2 classes are important to the problem ?

    class="sliderheading heading_clone"

    I also noticed that the problem exists for another user, as posted on the ThemeForest comments page (not my site) –



    Can you try adding following code instead

    strong.sliderheading.heading_clone:hover {
    opacity: 0!important;



    Wow – quick reply, thanks Yigit ! :-)

    But unfortunately that didn’t work – the flickering text is seen as the slideshow is animating – and not just on HOVERing on the text. (For completeness, I then tried without the HOVER, and all the small text disappeared).



    Thank you for the update.

    You’re using WordPress 3.9 which is not compatible with Newscast. Please try to downgrade the wordpress version to 3.5 or lower.



    Hi Ismael – thanks for your suggestion, but that’s not a realistic solution.

    Is there anything else I can try ?



    Unfortunately Newscast is no longer actively being updated and the last support WordPress version was 3.3. Still though, the error seems to be more of a javascript conflict and since there is already a javascript error coming from, I believe, a plugin you can try deactivating all active plugins and see if that helps.



    Hi Devin

    Thanks for your suggestion, but as per my original post, I have already tried disabling all the plugins, and that did not work.

    It seems strange that the support recommendation is to rollback to WP3.3 (released way back in Dec-2011) for a theme that is still currently for sale on Theme Forest. Is this Kriesi’s official decision ? And maybe there should be a warning on the Theme Forest page now, that the accordion slider no longer works with the latest version of WP ? (I see that it still works fine on your demo, so this could be misleading).

    Is there anything at all you can do for me and others like me, who have purchased the theme solely for the attractive slider that now no longer works correctly.



    I’ll tag this thread for Kriesi. Tbh I don’t know if Newscast is still in development or if he wants to drop the support for it. If we drop the support we’ll probably remove it from the marketplace. If you bought the theme recently (last month or so) Envato may offer you a theme exchange to another theme like Enfold which also supports an accordion slider . – however I noticed your first post was on November 29, 2012 (more than a year ago).



    Hi dude

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. To be honest, I am disappointed that the Newscast theme has only been working for me for 12 months, before developing this problem. I hope that Kriesi can come up with a satisfactory solution. :-)



    Not sure about this either. Since It doesnt happen on my theme demo the most obvious question is: did you make any theme modifciations that might cause this? any plugins that are running? Does it also happen with the default font?

    Best regards,


    Hi Kriesi – thanks for taking the time to reply :-) (and apologies for the delay at my end – I did not receive the email notification).

    I just disabled all my plugins, and then deleted all my custom css, and yes – the problem persists.

    As mentioned above, I have also found the same problem on this site (not mine) –
    I’ve just been hunting around, and also just found the problem on these sites –

    It started appearing on my site a few weeks back, maybe after a WP (or jquery ?) update, but I didn’t have time to look into it back then.

    Just a quick CSS fix would be great, to make the site look decent again – I’m not even fussy about the exact styling.

    Hope you can help. :-)


    Hi guys

    Any more progress with this ? I can understand your position about this being an old theme, but many of us purchased NewsCast due to the excellent feature accordion slider, and now it’s been rendered unusable ! :-(

    In the meantime, I’ve spent several hours today experimenting with different CSS to try and get the slider looking good again. I’ve sort of managed it, but ended up needing to strip away some of the features that I liked so much in the first place.

    It would still be good to reach a mutually agreeable solution about this.

    Thanks. :-)



    I am afraid I wasnt able to identify whats causing the problem as well. since its only happening on chrome and safari and it only started recently my best guess is that the rendering engine that those browsers use was updated recently and is now somehow causing this. since this has happened on other occasions before and was fixed then with future updates I think I will wait a little while for the next few minor versions to see if the problem gets fixed on the browser side…


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