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    Really simple question (I hope). How do I set up an item in the accordion slider to have an image initially with a play icon, then popup a lightbox on click with an embedded video? I know it must be possible, because the 5th item in your demo does this exactly!





    1) Set a featured image (“Add featured media” option field > “Upload” button) – then select “Link manually” on the right and enter your youtube/vimeo url in the field below.


    Thanks for the response, but that doesn’t work the same way as the demo for me. After following your instructions the image does not get the play button added to it, and clicking the image takes me straight to youtube and doesn’t lightbox the video.

    I’m trying to replicate the fifth item here:




    Can you post a link to your website please? It works fine on my test server…


    The url for the test site is

    Slide 1 is set up how you suggested. There is no rel=”” getting added to this at all.


    I think the problem is the link. I’ll report it to Kriesi. For now just use links like:


    Wow, thanks! That works perfectly now.

    I hadn’t even realised that YouTube were giving me a shortened url (this was the standard embed url that they spit out). Changing the domain to make them work isn’t a problem at all, but I’m guessing other people are going to run into this…

    Thanks again.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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