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    Hi Kriesi,

    Accordion images not displaying in IE9. Everything ok in Firefox and Chrome.

    Seeing loader revolving, but no images appear.

    Regular slider works fine.

    Finally, have a project for this template I purchased when it first came out. Hope you can resolve the problem!

    Thanks for your help.



    we released an update for Newscast which should fix IE9 bugs. You can download it at


    Thanks, Dude. As it is Newscast is terrific, but would sure love to see you guys build upon the Newscast framework with additional features, toggles, tabs, portfolio/quicksand and column flexibility build into layout, plus HTML5.

    Keep up the great work–you guys rock!


    Hey Dud.

    Just checked IE9–problem still exists.


    I have no images showing up


    @moxiemaxwell – I think you forgot to set featured images to your slider posts. Click on “set featured image” on the post editor page – the option is located on the right side(bar).

    @voodoogal: I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it….


    I got them to show, but something just doesn’t seem right, I will keep you posted

    Thank you for your time also.


    @moxiemaxwell: I posted an answer in the other thread.


    if your images are not appearing please open your custom.js file and search for the kriesi_image_preloader function. remove it and replace it with this function:

    That should fix any IE9 issues


    Hi Kriesi,

    I did as you suggested, but found that the display problem got worse. I can tell you that I see the right column images load, and all other loading apparently stops. If I click the logo link, then the slider images appear–problem is affecting both fade and accordion.

    I am including links to my demo pages for you to see. The custom .js version I am using is the one that is yesterday’s TF version:


    Still waiting for a response. Can you help me?


    it seems like the tf download isnt up to date despite the fact that i recently uploaded the latest version. you still got the wrong image preloader.

    here is the complete js file. replact the code you are using with the code pasted here and it should work fine:

    this is the example which was taken from the html demo which works perfectly fine for me in IE9:


    Great! File works just fine. Thanks so much for your help–looking forward to seeing more of your themes.


    Glad that the problem is fixed now :)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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