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    I have bought a license of display theme last year. Since two week a will become greate problem with access the webserver. If you will go to http://www.lemm2.de you have to wait 2 Minutes if you will see the first side. The same problem is, when you goto “Referenzen”. Sometimes you dont´t get a website sometimes yes.

    Wthat´s going wrong with my installation?

    Best regards from snowy bavarian




    did you install any plugins before this problem occured?


    no, this config will be run since 8 month without problems. It seems to be that the problem is only on two places on the webside. If you will go to the link “http://www.lemm2.de/impressum/”, there are no problems. The problem are only on “home” and on “referenzen”. Is it possible that the template get in trouble with higher wordpress than version 3.0?



    Strange bug…maybe try to upgrade to Display Version 2.0. You can download it on TF for free. Maybe that helps you. Display 2.0 was designed to run with WP3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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