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    where can I find the updated Abundance theme, which is compatible with WPML? On the Themeforest I cant see anything about the Abundance/WPML compatibility, only about the Woocommerce version 2.0.7 compatibilty. Please give me the link, where I can download the new compatible version of the theme!

    Thank you


    Hi McGawain,

    The theme is already set up to be translatable with po files so there is no other download needed. See:




    Hi Devin,

    I dont want to translate the theme, this is already done. I would like to use the WPML plugin to make the site multilingual. In this problem I have a half year long discuss here on the support, because the Abundance theme wasnt compatible with WPML, and now, the support told me, there is a solution for the problem, the theme is now compatible with WPML. I got this information in private email, but not told, where I can find this theme version. I want to make the multilingual site urgent, and I dont get the answer from he, so I tried to get answer here at the forum.

    Here is the answer, I got on the problem Abundance/WPML compatibility:

    »I got good and bad news. The good news is that the theme works 100% with WPML and woocommerce. The bad news is that it works 100% if started fresh. Can’t export data because as normally done since all the stuff that prevents it from being fixed (will be exported also.).I setup a clean copy, put primary language Magyar and secondary language English, and I translated woo commerce shop, category, item , etc.. Have a video , that’s being uploaded. The only solution I can offer is for you to use a macro recorder (it records every action on computer) so you can record yourself moving 1 item from old website to new website with copy, paste, and record it, and then put it in a loop and leave it on over night. I don’t know how many products you have , but 5-6 minutes per product I would guess, but good thing its automatic. When video uploads , it 8 min long so taking time, I sent you link so you can see for yourself.«



    You can download the latest version from . Log in in and go to the “Downloads” page. There you’ll see a list of all items you purchased and you can download all items.



    Ok, but you didnt write me, if that theme version, which I can find on themeforest compatible is with WPML.??? Ok, but you didnt write me, if that theme version, which I can find on themeforest compatible is with WPML.???



    Yes, there is a configuration folder and files for WPML specifically in the most recent version of Abundance. Each language still must be set up with the theme and for each language you will need to set the theme options and display options as well as provide the translation files.



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