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    Getting ready to go live with a site. Everything is working properly at current versions, but would like some solid advice on which things to update to current version and remain stable. Which ones and what order to update would be very helpful. Thanks, Craig.

    Currently running:

    Wordpress 3.3.1


    Abundance 1.2.1

    Also using current version of WooCommerce payment gateway.


    Hi visualize57,

    Definitively update Worpdress and Abundance. WooCommerce wasn’t causing any theme issues at version 1.5.8 which you can get here:




    Thanks Devin.

    Looks like latest version of Abundance is 1.5, I just downloaded it from Themeforest. Do I need to replace each file from each version change, or just the files that changed from the last most recent version?? I am currently on 1.2.1. First time I have done an upgrade, sorry for my lack of understanding, hope this makes sense.

    Also, is there a order of which I should do the upgrades of the theme, WordPress and WooCommerce??





    Yes, you need to replace each file from each version change (you can skip duplicates of course).I’d update WP, then the theme and at least WC.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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