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    Hello Everyone,

    We are consolidating all of bugs that have come up with the WooCommerce 2+ updates into a single thread for each theme. The support crew will be using your individual bug posts to add to this list and then soft closing that individual topic. Any fixes will be posted right here along with the bug so that everything is in one place.

    Hopefully this will help get things solved a little quicker and the next round of updates fully packed with enough bug squashing power to get things running great for everyone again :)

    The theme update specifically for WooCommerce 2.0 was Abundance 1.8. Make sure you have downloaded this version or above from Themeforest and installed the updated files.


    Q:When will the next update be released?

    A: No estimated release time/date at this time.

    Reported Bugs for Abundance:

    Page numbers appearing after products (new woocommerce pagination)

    .woocommerce-pagination {
    display: none;

    “Added to cart” notice on the catalog image

    .added_to_cart {
    display: none;

    Add to cart from catalog not updating the menus Cart or dropdown with Ajax(live)

    no fix yet

    If you have any others that are not listed here you can report theme here or if you have already made a post on one you don’t see here you can respond here with a link to it.

    We’ll be deleting any responses once they have been recorded but leaving the topic open so that everyone is able to respond :)




    WooCommerce 2.0.4 has a fix I need (listed Below) and am wondering about up-grading from 2.0.3 that I’m currently running. Is there anything else in this version that could cause problems with Abundance 1.8.1?

    Tweak – Applied a width to the product name column (edit products) to fix layout small screens




    When I add something to the cart, the page confirming the addition looks broken, with the sidebars splayed all over the place. I took a screen cap; is there a way to upload it via the forums?


    You should be fine to update Craig.

    @advokate – Make sure you are running Abundance 1.8 and try disabling all active addons. We’ll also need to see the site live to check further .




    How do I go about updating to Abundance 1.8?

    I dont see anywhere in themeforest that I can do that


    You need to log in first – then go to the “Downloads” page. On this page all items (which you purchased in the past) will be displayed in a list and you can download them.


    I haven’t upgraded my site to 1.8 or woocommerce as yet.

    I don’t want to update until the theme is working with woocommerce.

    What’s your advice? Should I wait a bit longer?

    Thanks in advance.


    Yes, I’d wait one or two weeks because we’ll release another update for Abundance & Replete soon (Kriesi will release a new theme this or next week and then we’ll release updates for our WooCommerce themes).


    when will be next version of Abundance released?



    Two days ago Kriesi told me that he’ll finish his new theme today and then he’ll start to release the theme updates. I expect the new theme & update releases next week.

    Best regards,



    when when when? ;-) i am so ungeduldig… ;-)


    Hey Boris,

    I’ve not gotten any updates though there have been some changes on our git repo this week. Kreisi’s twitter is ultimately the best spot to keep track of releases and updates:





    I just upgraded to latest version this morning and noticed that on the homepage, when I hover some of the products in the sliders, the buttons overlap within each other on some of the products. Not sure why.

    Thanks for your help with this issue.




    Its actually the products that have options.




    Please post a link to your website – we need to investigate the css code.





    I have another display issue after upgrading to the latest version, some of the the billing address fields on the Checkout page do not display correctly (email address and phone)

    Please see example here:



    One more issue after upgrading to the latest version, the tax field label on the cart and checkout pages do not display.

    See here:





    About a week ago I noticed that the products on my website were not appearing because Woo Commerce was no longer a part of my theme. I instantly activated a new Woo Commerce plugin. However, now every time I sign in to WordPress to manage my website, I receive notices that an update is required. I am afraid if I click on the automatic update button that it might dis configure my website. It is suggested to back up the work but I am unsure how to go about doing so. I was reading some of the other inquires on the forum and I see that abundance 1.8 is compatible to Woo Commerce 2.0. If i press that update button, will the website theme automatically update to the abundance 1.8 version? and if so, will I loose everything if it is not backed up? My website is Thank you for your time.

    Jamie Parker



    Themeforest still says last update was 6 March 13

    So is there an update out there or not?

    Why follow Kriesi on twitter, when this is the support forum?




    1) No, you need to update Abundance first (update it to version 1.8.1). You can download the latest version from themeforest. Then update WooCommerce to version 2.0.

    2) We’ll release the theme updates for Abundance & Co. this week. You don’t need to follow Kriesi on twitter if you don’t want to :)


    Hi Dude,

    So, I shall await the new release and hopefully my issues get resolved.





    Hey guys! currently working on those bugs, the update will be available within the next 48 hours :)

    If any of the issues persist after you have upgraded to the latest version please open a new thread with link to your site so we can check everything :)



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