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    I am planning to add commercial features to my currently running content based website. I have been using newscast. I think abundance theme seems quite a satisfactory option for connecting content with e-commerce.

    However, even though i have checked the theme demo, I need to use it before I can decide. My concern is if the abundance theme is suitable enough for listing intangible travel products, services such as “tour packages”.

    Please share your thoughts about the theme’s features.

    thanks a lot!



    all the e-commerce stuff is handled by WooCommerce: – basically you can use all functions woocommerce offers – and not by the theme itself.

    Please try WooCommerce before you decide to buy Abundance. WooCommerce is one of the best (imho even the best) WordPress e-commerce plugins. It grows fast, you can get many extensions (free + premium) which extend the plugin features and the devs are very responsive when it comes to feature requests.



    I have downloaded woocommerce + wootique theme to try if the solution fits my needs. I am testing it. Now I have one more question,

    “the language support”. Is the abundance theme fine with switching between multiple languages (english / turkish) everywhere? ( admin panel, pages, theme, blog posts and the e-commerce menus)

    I have seen the qtranslate plugin however I am not sure if the abundance theme + qtranslate combination is ok.

    thank you.



    You can change the frontend language but not the backend language (theme options panel, etc.). We don’t support qtranslate but our themes and woocommerce support WPML.

    Best regards,




    Frontend switching is good enough. I have checked WPML website. Is there a free version of WPML?




    No currently not. They stopped to work on the free version several months ago. However the advantage is that you’ll get better support from the WPML staff than the qtranslate author can offer you (WPML devs have a dedicated support team).


    I see, another thing that I noticed, there is a “forum” function in “propulsion” theme. Is it possible to use forums feature in abundance too?


    and the color schemes too… because abundance seems to have a colder color scheme.


    Hi a b,

    The forum is handled via bbpress ( The color scheme is up to you :)


    Excuse my lack of knowledge please.

    So does that mean i can use any color scheme with abundance theme and the forum can be implemented easily?


    Abundance does come with about dozen different pre built color schemes and you can modify a great deal of it to your liking. I have not tried bbpress with Abundance so I can’t give you any first hand experience with it.

    Propulsion on the other hand uses both bbpress and WooCommerce as supported plugins (IE, they both have modified css styles for Propulsion).

    If you didn’t notice, on the left hand side of the theme demo pages there is a little tab sticking out that says CHANGE STYLES. Click that and you can play around with the color scheme live.


    My intention is to sell travel products such as “tour packages” enriched with editorial content, blog posts, and provide users with support for the questions that might arise about the destination they plan to travel to. etc.

    Since you mentioned that bbpress is not available in abundance, I cannot decide by myself which theme to use.

    Looking at the demos, there are some things that i like in abundance and some other things in propulsion.


    – Slider

    – Mega menu

    – Navigation (Home » Shop » Products » Canon 25-50)

    – Product pages


    – Forums

    – Warm color schemes

    – Portfolio

    I checked the “change styles” on both themes and the styles for abundance theme are quite cold. I wanted to be sure if those style options are limited.

    So I will be glad if you suggest me a solution.

    thank you.


    Hi a b,

    Unfortunately I can’t make the choice for you :)

    If you have a clear idea on what you want to see, you can hire a freelance wordpress developer to modify either theme to exactly what you want. Here are a few good resources: , ,


    Hello Devin,

    I would rather a choice opinion for which one to use at the moment actually. I am not planning to get development help just yet.

    Thanks a lot.


    Answered your mail :)

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