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    Hello Kriesi,

    First thanks for this great theme but I got some suggestions for future updates ;)

    Is it possible to update the avia framework to include shortcodes for:

    – Heading

    – Custom Heading

    – Content below heading

    – Breadcrumb Navigation

    – Callout text styles

    (Not really necessary but it would be nice to have these shortcodes instead of building templates each time you need these for your post/page layout)

    – Option to rename an existing template in the template builder.

    – Option to add a link/page to Footer Logo under Abundance -> Theme options -> Footer -> Logo Footer

    – Also in the Abundance Template Builder the documentation link results in a 404 Not Found:

    – Under Abundance -> Theme options -> Logo

    The description says “Logo Dimension: 200px * 100px (if your logo is larger you might need to modify style.css to align it perfectly)” but on line 234 in style.css it’s already width: 220px? So the logo dimension should be standard 220px * 100px instead of 200px probably a typo, right?

    – The element “Heading + Breadcrumb” options section contains a typo “bellow” instead of “below”.

    That ‘s all for now lol..keep up the good work!





    Thanks for the suggestions. Flagging Kriesi to this so he can read.





    *noted* will see what we could do about this :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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