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    I am trying to place a background image for all pages on a site built off the Abundance WordPress theme. I am able to get it to display fine in Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer zooms way into the image and the left and right side of the image is way off the screen. I have tried center and left placement of the image and also different resolutions of the image with no luck. I am setting this within the Theme Options > Styling > Background Image section of the theme settings.


    Just an update. I scaled the resolution of the image down to the exact size of the screen I am testing with and it displays properly in Internet Explorer now. The problem now is that when the screen resolution is bigger than the image resolution, Internet Explorer tiles the same image behind the image as a filler instead of stretching the image. I have tested with IE 10 and IE 8 with the same results. Chrome and Firefox can scale the image properly when the resolution of the screen exceeds or is less than the image size to fill the entire screen.



    Can you give us a link to the website? Maybe we can fix this with a simple css modification.




    Sorry, I do not have it live yet. CSS is the standard config from the abundance theme currently since it is in the beginning phases of development. The problem is Internet Explorer will not scale the background image at all when the window size changes. The background image in IE stays a static size as the screen resizes which causes the image to not stretch edge to edge. Chrome and Firefox are ok. They do scale the image as the window size changes. Thank you for any assistance you can provide and I apologize again for not having a live example.


    Hi Dux,

    Without seeing it live or knowing exactly how the image is added in, as well as its size there isn’t much we can do.

    All css rules for background placement are here:

    The main thing is that the image will only stretch if the container stretches, so if in IE for some reason that isn’t happening there may or may not be anything we can do. It really just depends on exactly how the image is being added in and how IE is reading it.



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