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    Hi, I’m trying to make available the Review Tab for every product I have. I wasn’t paying attention as I built out the products with many variables where the Review Tab doesn’t show on the single product page, but as I created a simple product tonight, the Review Tab is available on the single simple product page. Where am I missing the on/off switch to have the Review Tab available on ALL single product pages throughout the store?

    to see the website:

    example products: Look for Floyd Candle for the single simple product (shows review tab)

    Look for the Peony candle for the variable product (does NOT show review tab)

    Many thanks!




    the “review tab” replaces the comments on product pages. You just need to activate the comments on all pages you’d like to show the review tab (discussion option field on the product editor page).


    Hello. I want to disable reviews, too. I understand to turn off the discussion on the product page but on Abundance I can’t find the discussion field! All I find is the Reviews Field option without an on/off tick. What am I not seeing? Is there another setting somewhere?


    Yeah, I found it by accident. The enable Review on/off tick is in the Product Data> Advanced section on edit product page.



    Good thing you found it.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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