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    Hi !

    I want to make my website/shop with Abundance but I need a French version…

    Before starting to translate it I wonder if someone has already translate it and would

    be ready to share the translation file? Thanks !

    Bonjour !

    Je viens d’acheter le thème Abundance dans le but de me faire un site web / boutique en ligne

    mais j’ai besoin qu’il soit en français. Je me demandais si quelqu’un n’aurait pas déjà traduit

    ce thème et serait prêt à partager le fichier de traduction ?

    Merci !



    I did not come across a translation file yet but if you find one (or if you create one) please upload it and post a link here:



    I’d like to stress out one major point regarding the translation issue. The front-end switches automatically to WordPress installation language BUT the avia sub nav, since it uses plain text strings in config.php > function avia_shop_nav().

    Dude, is possible to tweak it passing parameters or querying any po/mo file according to the localization ?

    That would be kind of you.



    I’ve the same request, I’m going to translate in french version, and it seems that terms like shop navigation “My account” shopping cart and checkout are not translable ?

    Also in website there are some translations missing…

    “One response to” is not in defaut.po .mo files.


    Hi Dude, I’m looking for an updated translation files.

    Some words are not translated in the theme and I don’t want to change hardcore files :)

    My account

    Shopping Cart

    Checkout in the top menu

    Cart in the right top

    Show details on rollover thumbnail gallery (Add to cart is ok and translable | Select option also)

    In product file :

    xx in stock (backorders allowed) green mention is not translable.

    Thank’s for upgrading .po/.mo files ! :-)

    I’m almost done with french translation and I Would like to share it !


    Hi I have just download and install this theme to launch a french ecommerce site

    I do not get any development skill. May you advice me when you finished your translation to let me use it please ?




    You need to translate WooCommerce & the theme to French (both support po/mo files). All text strings will be translated afterwards. As far as I know the Abundance files don’t need an update – they work perfectly fine for other users and on my test server (see eg Martins website: and the discussion here: ) if the plugin an

    the theme is translated properly. Maybe check if all menu items (Appearance > Menus) are translated properly.


    I’ve found an issue for the little menu just above the big one for terms :

    – My account, shopping cart and Checkout replacing this one with a french one using WPML.

    But some words remains as 25 in stock backorders allowed and Cart in top right.

    See the image


    Guillaume, yes i will provide french translation but it is very simple.

    Just download Poedit.

    Open the defaut files (the one with earth picto) and then translate all strings

    When you are done, save as fr_FR and donwload it in your theme language folder.

    Guillaume, suis les instructions en téléchargeant un logiciel qui s’appelle poedit, traduit toutes les phrases ou expressions, et ensuite tu le transfères via FTP dans le répertoire lang du theme.



    I am still looking for a soluce to translate : 25 in stock (backorders allowed).

    I’ve red all files and po mo files also and I’m not able to translate

    It would be nice to have an help on this subject !



    This text is generated by woocommerce. Maybe the plugin mo/po files are not complete…

    Best regards,



    Hi Coxine, did you find a way to translate ‘cart’ and ‘backorder’ text?



    I have both french translations (the theme and woocommerce). I’m actually the one who uploaded to french translation of woocommerce on github.

    Email me if you want the french translation of the theme. ariles.zebbar[at]

    I highly recommend the Localization plugin for edition PO/MO files… PO edit kinda sucks.


    Thanks for all the assitance e-citron :)

    It really does help to be so supportive and sharing the translations you have done!


    Hello Coxine,

    Is there a French version available? Thx!

    Gr Marco



    All files are collected here:



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