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    Hi I just bought the Abundance theme but the dummy data front page doesn’t match the live demo at theme forest. Did I get the wrong dummy data or is this the way it is? I wanted to emulate the live demo front page.


    The dummy data file does not match the live demo but it adds similiar content to your website and demonstrates many popular features (eg the shortcodes, the dynamic “front page” template, some products, etc.). If you need help with the configuration please give us more details and we’ll try to guide you through the process.


    Seems a bit misleading to have the demo not match the dummy data but I understand that there was no indication that the dummy data matched the live demo.

    I also had trouble changing the front page slider to the caption slider. When I add a caption slider the captions don’t display, I’ve followed the documentation but no luck with that.

    In another post Kriesi mentioned that one could exchange abundance for propulsion theme , can that be done? I also failed to notice that abundance isn’t responsive and since I’ve not had luck with adundance, an exchange would be nice. Thanks.



    The demo content doesnt match exactly because of copyright and licencing restrictions of the material used in the demo.

    You can send me a mail via contact form with a link to this thread if you want to talk about a theme switch ;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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