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    I have been pulling my hair out over this issue. With the abundance theme enabled I am always seeing the product excerpt and description with the lowest product ID, regardless of which product I view. I have un-installed and re-installed both woo-commerce plugin and the abundance theme, but the issue won’t go away. If I switch to another theme, for example twenty eleven, I always see the correct product info.

    This is the site: http://www.stafferton.co.uk/leasing/ – look at new car 2, 3 or 4 and you see summary of new car 1.

    This has happened once already (yesterday) and I re-installed wordpress to a new directory, and the issue was gone. However through thr course of the day something has happened to cause this issue. I have kept a log of all file changes made, and I have reset them to original , but the gremlin that crept in stuck. I am about to try one more time, and test product display after every single time I hit save but this is taking me three times longer than normal to build a site! Sorry this is a bit long, thanks for reading and any help greatly appreciated!




    For info I have now tracked this down and can replicate the precise issue. Looks like a bug to with placement of a woocommerce widget.

    Let me know if anyone wants any more info.



    I’d take a look but your site requires users to log in and I’m not allowed to register. Personally I’m not experiencing this issue so I’m interested in what changes you made before this happened. It’s likely it’s some additional plugin installed.

    I’d try a reset using the WordPress Reset plugin, then I’d install just the theme & the WooCommerce plugin before adding other plugins.


    Hi Chris

    I locked it after I fixed the bug as its WIP. I did however create another instance when trying to debug, which is pretty much empty and has just one plugin – woocommerce. You can replicate the issue by dropping in the Woocommerce Recent Products widget into the “displayed everywhere left” widget area. I haven’t tested with other widget areas, but this is the one I was using and experienced the issue. If you let me have your email I’ll give you admin rights so you can see it and hopefully track down the cause?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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