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    Hello I am using the Abundance theme (version 1.6).

    I am having an issue with editing the contents of my shopping cart. The issues are as follows:

    1. I log into the site with my user name and password (as a customer would do)

    2. Add a product to my cart

    Now if I want to remove a product from my shopping cart using the “x” icon to the left of the image of the product I either get an error message which states: An error occurred try refreshing the page or I am immediately logged out as a customer (removing the item). When I return to log back into the site the product I was trying to remove is added back into the cart and the process starts all over again…

    Any Ideas? Thanks



    p.s. sometimes when I am logged into the site (as a customer) and then I add an item to my cart, the item is added but I am also logged out of the site (as a customer) at the same time…


    Hi Aaron,

    I think the issue is the jump between http and https. Try changing the default url for your wordpress install to use https so that users start out there.

    You can do that in Settings>General> Site Address (URL)




    that doesnt seem to help. I am still randomly being logged on and off. I have tried changing both the wordpress address url and the site address url to https.



    I think there are plugins that might be causing the issue. Try to disable them one at a time. Also please check if you have as the “WordPress address (URI)” and “Blog address (URI)” under Options > General. It shouldn’t be something else like

    Did you just transfer the site? or you’re still working on a localhost?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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