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    I’ve started learning/using WordPress recently. I like your theme and using for my website. Though I’m stuck with some concerns on managing the pages and content display. I’ve read through most of the post to clear my concerns and tried on where I failed to. So here are my queries.


    1. How do I upgrade the theme files? I’ve 1.6 Version. I went to my themeforest account and downloaded theme file. Uploaded the files to server, but still the version shows as V1.6.

    2. My site ( ). I set the frontpage with dynamic template. After adding products, the slider on frontpage/homepage give page numbers with a textbox for sorting. I wish not to see them.

    3. The slider shows random order of products on frontpage. How can I set the latest added products (descending order)? Similarly in my product page how do I change the display order?

    4. Is it possible to get two sliders in homepage?



    Hi smallG,

    If each time you are download the theme files from themeforest it shows version 1.6 instead of 1.9 or higher you will need to contact Themeforest and see if there an issue specific to your account.

    You can also try downloading only the wordpress files option and check the style.css file in that folder to see the version number it shows there.

    2) Since you are still using an old version of the theme, you don’t have the latest bug fixes. See this thread for the ones you can add manually before updating. However just updating is your best option.

    3) As far as I know there is no option for this available. You would need to customize the theme files if it was a must-have feature. Otherwise I can tag the topic as a feature request for a later update.

    4) You can add multiple product elements in the template builder to your dynamic template. They should work without any issues.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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