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    Is it possible to have an image header with a static text for the blog page?

    Thank you


    Another question! :)

    If I have differents blogs, how can I have a different Blog page headline for my different blogs?

    Thank you very much!!!!



    1.) Don’t quite understand what you have in mind, but you can use CSS to load background images for specific pages. Can you elaborate?

    2.) Duplicate template_blog.php (giving the duplicate a new name), open it up and change this:

    Template Name: Blog Overview
    $k_option['custom']['headlineContent'] = "<h2>".$k_option['blog']['headline']."</h2>";

    to this:

    Template Name: Blog 2 Overview
    $k_option['custom']['headlineContent'] = "<h2>"YOUR TITLE HERE</h2>";

    Replace YOUR TITLE HERE with the title you want to display. You’ll probably want to edit the query string to show only the categories you want to show.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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