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    1. I am struggling to use this forum to find Replete specific posts – is there a way to search for and find JUST Replete questions?

    2. Is there a ready made child theme anywhere?

    3. I am struggling to find a way to manage the navigation menu colours. I have used some CSS found on this forum but I am not able to affect the dropdown font colours – where and how to find that?

    4. Is there anywhere you can get the demo pages shortcodes or page setups without importing all the demo content?

    5. Is there a backup or export of custom settings to the theme as I’d like to try some default skins but I have several hours of effort put into a totally custom style.



    1. That’s something we want to add but it’s not available yet.

    2. Use this one:

    3. Try this code:

    .sub-menu a{
    color: red !important;

    4. Tell me which page you want and i can hand you the xml file to import.

    5. Not built-in, but you can a plugin like: or

    Best regards,



    Many thanks for the input.

    1. I guess that’s a design fault in BBPress then. But without a decent search facility it really makes it hard to find answers and ultimately ends up with users posting the same old questions.

    2. Thanks for the Child Theme. I installed it and activated it and immediately had to deactivate it. It’s not what I am used to with child themes. It requires me to set up all the settings again that I have in the parent theme and starts out as the default. All I really want is to have better control of any CSS edits I make. Am I missing a step somewhere?

    3. Menu drop downs resolved!

    4. I had already figured out how to replicate some features, so at the moment I don’t have any page in mind but in the future I may want to replicate something so it would be useful to have individual page setup and shortcodes accessible from the demo or support site. Maybe a future enhancement as an import/export facility directly from the theme dashboard?

    5. I am familiar with those kinds of plugin but they are overkill – I don’t need to backup the WP file set or database…just the settings in the theme. All I wanted to do was to export all the theme settings (this is usually done to an XML file). That would allow me to try several different set ups and easily import the settings at the end….maybe something for a future update? Import/Export theme settings….and that would also overcome the ‘problem’ I may be having with the child theme.



    There is a way to backup the theme options but it would require accessing the database using a tool like phpMyAdmin, look for wp_options table -> option_name: avia_options_replete, you will get something like this:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /00000504.png” alt=”” />


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