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    I would like to say I really like the Newscast theme, a clean and great theme.

    But I have one question.

    Is there any way to put the post and the widgets in a box? It’s hard to explain but I would like to have my post in a box with rounded corners, and the same for the widgets? Something like this:

    It would be nice if this worked, then I could put a new background to my site.




    Yes that’s possible by making a few css changes – have a look at style.css of the theme you posted. You’ll find a class called .box there which contains all necessary style rules to generate the design/box you’re looking for.

    Please be aware that copying css code can violate copyright laws…

    The Dude


    Thanks Dude,

    I will take a look

    Is there any way to integrate byddypress to newscast? I have tried but it dont look to good……

    EDIT: The .Box thing was a bit hard for me to do, iam not that good =). Could you help me? I dont know what to change in the code.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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