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    I’ve been building a website for a church client using Incarnation and I’m very happy with many of the features. However last weekend I ran into two big problems. One concerning the menu/header and one concerning audio.

    1) Is there any way to move the main menu underneath the logo and make the menu full-width? I’m using Ubermenu plugin and the site I’m working on is going to be such a big one that everything just won’t fit well into the current incarnation header set up.

    2) I’m using Sermon Browser plugin for sermons, because search/filtering options are going to be crucial at the sermon page. However, I’ve gone through all html5&flash audioplayer plugins to play the sermons on any device. Either nothing shows up at all or the actual player won’t show up anyway: (the one currently on is MediaElements.js and you can see how messed up it is). I’ve tried other themes and the player works just fine, so it seems to be an issue with Incarnation. Do you have any suggestions for an audio player or Incarnation settings which could help with the problem? I also wouldn’t mind using your own sermon system, but I haven’t found a filter/advanced search system to even consider it..

    I hope to get these issues solved, because I would hate to start from the beginning with a new theme when there are so many good features in this on.

    Thanks for your help!



    I am sorry, so do you want code to extend the native menu to full width, or do you want to use ubermenu plugin? If you want to use the plugin, you need to have something up where we can view source to give you the css for the modifications.Password protect it, but for a large project its always a good idea to test drive it on a real server not just stager or dev. Please clarify your requirements about where you want the logo to go , a rough sketch would help us place it right where you want it

    Sermons html5 advice

    Use vimeo. Before you say no, I will say use youtube even. Let me explain.

    Without an html5 standard, (coming in 2014 or so), you are at the mercy of apple and microsoft. In September when ios6 came out , nobody who hosted their own videos/audio were able to play for new ios visitors (100 million in 2 weeks) with just two exceptions. Yep.

    So unless you are prepared for endless angry calls from client about this or that mobile or desktop browser not working, go with the pros who have teams dedicated to ensuring that their service works on even the most obscure mobile devices. Yep.

    Best advice you will ever hear is to host any a/v with vimeo or free with yahoo. Since practically everybody who is anybody hosts their a/v there today, it no longer looks tacky as it had 5 years ago. Today everyone has a benchmark, a certain level of expectation when they watch online video, and that’s based on (vimeo/youtube) .. and the client is expecting you to do even better if you decide on self hosting sermons.



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