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    How do I activate the password protection for a part of the portfolio or gallery? Is it possible to demand that a person logs on the webpage before they see the part where a password is demanded?

    Can I get the sidebar to automatically hide when a visiter enters a portfolio so only the controlbar is active?

    I want to create a page where I post different information topics and want them in the same stile as the blogg, is that possible?


    New active questions so ignore the ones above. :)

    Can I connect the blogg with my facebook so the updates in the blogg ends up on facebook?

    How do I change the text in the protected information?

    Is it possible to have two bloggs on the website? The reason for this is that I want to use one blogg for general information and one for technical information. And that I like the structure of the blogg ;)

    Is it possible to get the sidebar to automaticlly hide when one enters a galleri?



    1) I think there’re some plugins which can do this but I can’t rememember their names though. You can search for them here:

    2) Can you elaborate please? What do you mean with “protected information”? If it’s a locked post you can edit it like a normal post but only users with a password or logged in users can view it. If you want to change the text of the protected post message you need to modify wp because these text strings are not controlled by our theme but by wordpress. You can use filters or plugins like: to change the text strings.

    3) As far as I know Flashlight doesn’t offer a template builder so it’s not easily possible to create different blog pages. You can create a custom template with a custom query or you just link to archive pages (one “blog” is the standard blog and the other “blog” is an archive page which shows the posts of one category only).

    4) It’s not possible at the moment but I’ll forward the request to Kriesi. I can remeber that another user requested this feature some time ago.


    1. Thanks for the help, working on getting it to work right now.

    2. The change I needed was in wp so thanks for the information!

    3. I will think it through and decide how the structure of my site will be in the end.

    4. This is a feature I would like to have ready before the launch of my site. Is it possible to get information on what line the arguments are placed and in what file so I can make the changes myself?

    New question. When a person presses the Portfolio on my site they end up on a empty page, I would like it to be so that they see the different folders that the menu on portfolio is actually showing. What have I done wrong?

    Is it possible to force the images to always be shown above the minimized imagebar or autohide the imagebar and then use the lightbox arrows? I am willing to dig into the code to get this done. :)



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