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    Hi im having a few issues:

    1. when upload media through a page´s insert image or slideshow ad buttom the files doesnt upload in the right place they upload in the firts folder i created in wp (2009/07) …. but if i upload through the media add new it goes in the rigth folder (2012/02)

    2. the slideshow doesn´t work no matter what choices, changes, uploading in diferent sized or in diferent ways…. just shows the first pic (not completely) and not even the caption advanced settup shows…

    3. Like in the slideshow images, with the images i use to represent a portfolio entry also happens that the image it not showing completely (

    4. my website its uploading really slow, i started using the w3total cache plugin… it helps a lot but still 10s media often 15-20seg… i already erase all plugins i was using not much or nothing….



    Also having problems with the product slideshow… not working either.



    Hi guys…

    problem2 and 3 solved… i had w3tcache bad set up…. Disable minify for logged in users not enable… so could see the slideshows and images in them ok….

    problem 4 much better after doing a proper set up of w3tcache…

    product slider working too….

    will check uploading problem (1) and will post again…

    Sorry for the inconvenience!




    I think this post answers your first question.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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