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    Just have to say that I love your work… I have a couple of your themes and am very happy with them. I do however have a few issues with Abundance.

    I am doing a web-to-print site and I have some business cards, christmas cards etc that I want to offer for customization and sale. So here are my questions:

    1. Is there a way to mouse over the business card and instad of it showing “Show Details” have it zoom in on the card so that people can see it? or even enlarge the image on mouse over?

    2. In my product display, say the business card category, I have the side bar there with all of my subpages etc and I really dont want that. I would like a full-size page rather than 1 with a sidebar.

    3. Because of the fact that there are 4 different categories that have customizing options, is it possible to create a side bar that only shows on the “Business card” products and then 1 that only shows on the xmas cards product pages etc?

    Also, just a general question for this forum… is there a wat for me to change my password to log into support? and add other themes that I have purchased?




    Hello??? Do you think someone could at least acknowledge that some questions have been asked?



    1) This is not possible without major code changes.

    2) You can hide the sidebar with following code:

    .single_sidebar.template-shop .sidebar {
    display: none;

    It’s not easily possible to extend the width of the content/product area on the left side because this would break other theme layouts/features.

    3) Plugins like: allow you to filter the sidebar content. Put the widgets into the “displayed everywhere” widghet areas and filter the product categories with following code/condtional:

    is_tax( 'product_cat', 'Cars' )

    The widget will be displayed when the user views the “Cars” product category. Obviously you can use insert any other category :)

    4) Go to this page: and click on “Edit” to change your account details.



    Thanks for responding. I have a few more questions:

    1. I used the following code to hide the side bar and it worked, but is there no way to have the products display in the entire area?

    .single_sidebar.template-shop .sidebar {

    display: none;


    If not, how can I create a menu and put in the sidebar? Do i just create a custom menu and then add it to a widget?

    2. Because I a doing a print site, I need to have some information pages… Is it possible to have a category (like Other Services) that will link to a page rather than a catalogue type listing?

    3. I really want to have the mouseover zoom on the product layout pages… Can you tell me what needs to change?

    4. How do I make the Image Zoom area in the individual product page larger?





    1) Yes – you can add a custom menu by using the menu widget. You can even create product category specific menus by using widget logic.

    2) Category archive pages will always link to the posts. I’m not aware of a plugin which can change this behaviour. You could use a redirecion plugin but obviously this is a dirty workaround.

    3) I’m sorry. This is beyond the scope of this support forum. However you can try to hire a freelancer here:

    4) I wouldn’t adjust the width of the area (otherwise you risk to overlap the left cursor area with the zoom area). Open up abundancewoocommerce-configwoocommerce-mod.js and search for following two lines:

    zoomHeight: 'auto',



    Replace 613 with any other value (it’s a px value) and/or replace ‘auto’ with any fixed px value (eg 500).

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