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    just have a few questions about colour changes, i know its probably been covered hundreds of times but am trying to 1.change the link colour from orange to blue on both content and footer.

    2.changing the colour of the footer background

    3.i was wanting to add an image to the main white background it possible and b.where do i add it?

    apologies for my lack of css knowledge, i have tried to change these things in all 3 style sheets to no avail.

    any help much appreciated.



    In general this should help you.

    All the changes apply to your style1.css file.

    But to be more specific:

    1a) This should help.

    1b) Add this to the bottom of your style1.css

    #footer a{color:#ff0099}
    #footer a:hover{color:#ffdd00 !important;}

    Of course you can change the color codes.

    2)Addressed here

    3) There’s an image background repeating horizontally. It’s set under .wrapper in your style1.css. To change the background image you’d have to edit this OR you can set a background image to the body and position it.

    I hope this helps :)




    thats great! thanks very much for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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