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    Here is my problem. I use hosting by I have two different web sites, first one works fine and i use MayaShop WordPress theme – Second one, works under Abundance theme and i very often get a message about 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR, once every 5-7 pages. Please tell me, what could be the cause of this error?

    Thank you!



    Maybe you need to increase the allocated php memory – see:

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    Thanks for recommendation. I increased PHP Memory to 96MB. And last two days wile i visiting my website as guest i didn’t get the 500 error page. But when i try to add a new product or change some setting as administrator i still get this error. Do you know any other reasons why it is happens?


    Hi shchuchkin,

    You may need to go up to 128mb or look into upgrading your hosting account with GoDaddy. I know with them specifically because of how budget oriented they are the servers are a little thin on quality.




    Ok, Thanks for advice. I tried to go up to 128 and upgrade my hosting account to ultimate. will see what happens. Just in case, could you please recommend me some good hosting provider?


    Personally I use Media Temple: but I’ve heard okay reviews about Host Gator if you need to go a bit cheaper



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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