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    Hello, I still have not been able to create 5 columns in my page with an image, plus a title and description.

    Can you help?

    In partners want to put the logos, name of the compay and description, just that.

    Sorry my English :)



    Is this issue solved?

    You have a 5 column row with Drop Caps (the first row starting with “A”), a 5 column row with Icons (which could be changed to logos) and a 5 column row without Drop Caps or Icons.



    Hello, I formatted with the “A”, the ide is to put the logo and below it a title and a brief description of the partner.

    I thought about putting an entire image with five logos and then divided into 5 columns, but I like images that are independent.

    As I can do?

    Thanks so much!


    Something like this is the idea….

    Thaks again!!!!



    The logos in your link above are actually one image so I’m not sure this is the best solution, updating the site would require image editing every time.

    Using the Template Builder, you could use a blog post (with featured image) from a specific category; I’d recommend using a dedicated category you don’t like to elsewhere.



    Hi James, is what I thought at first, in this solution, exactly the same reasons you say, the question is. As I can do for that category in the blog, not shown on the bolg? but only on the partners page?




    I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re saying; just to clarify you can use a specific category (selected in the Template Builder) for the frontpage content. Additionally you can choose to exclude this category from the regular Blog page to reduce the possibility of duplicate content.

    Please let me know if you need further guidance.



    Hi James, I did what you said, create a template page in the Builder, with five columns and and each with the option to post from category previously thought 5 blog entries with the category partners. Indeed, as I say I worked perfectly. The problem is that the five entries appear in my blog.

    I do not want that category “Partners”appears in the blog.

    How do I exclude a category of regular blog?



    Hi James, I got it!! Finally use “Advanced Category Excluder”and have not be displayed on the blog and if it is displayed on the website of Partners, the only thing I do not understand is because it shows the partner number five or the last partner, which can be the problem?



    Its Done!!! Thanks


    I have another client on monday and thanks to its support, most likely opt for another of yours themes!!!!


    Great :) – I just answered your other question.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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