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    Hi there

    When I do a search on my site the resulting page has a standard format, which is obviously different of the Dynamic template I created for my blog.

    How can I change the standard template and apply my own template to?

    At the moment the default template is a fullwitdh but I would like to have a right column instead, so the thin line under the Heading+Subtitle ends just before the search box and it’s aligned with its top.

    The same issue happens when I click on a tag and go to a redirected page.

    Please see here my own template redesigned…

    See here one of the pages I’d like to apply my template to…

    So is it possible to create a dynamic template and apply it to the following pages…?

    404, Tag results, Search results, etc…

    Thanks in advance.




    Currently this is not easily possible because the dynamic templates are stored in the database and you can’t apply them to 404, Tag results, Search results, etc. pages.

    Best regards,



    Ok, So I can’t create a Dynamic template for Tag results, 404 and search results pages.

    Now could you ask someone else in the support team. Or how could I amend them to change the layout as described above?

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Zorrrro,

    You can edit the pages directly by opening and modifying the 404.php, Archive.php and search.php pages.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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