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    My website is almost up and running now, however one bug is still in my way. If a user is accidentally sent somehwere they shouldnt be, it should surely produce the 404 page. Well 404 has gone and 404’d, and when you go to a missing page, just a bunch of html appears instead.

    Any random text on my site should work (unless your really unfortunate about making uop random names) but here’s a link I know wont work-




    maybe it’s a server problem or a plugin which conflicts with the theme. Normally Habitat should display an error page like this one: http://kriesi.at/themes/habitat/404 – however the whole header section is missing on your page here: http://www.identityconsulting.co.uk/Newsite/fourohfour/ that’s why everything is messed up.


    Hmm, strange. I’m only using a couple of plugins, neither of which appear to do anything to either the header or 404 page. I chekced both header and 404 though, and both seem to be in perfectly good working order…This is strange, nt sure why my page isn’t displaying…


    Maybe move your site to the new url and see if that solves your problem :)


    Aye, not a bad plan. I’ll add the last of the actual content and go about moving it, see if anything changes in the process.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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