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    Hello there,

    I have 4 questions for you guys:

    – How can I change the Cuber loading icon for another one?

    – I’m not been successfull ins changing the “Read Me” and “SEARCH SITE” phrases on the front page (home). I did it with all the other pages and post but I don’t know why it i not working in the home;

    – How can I disable the zoom on the 3 miniatures in the home?

    – How can I change the lightbox images like “Close” and “Next” Can I upload other images and edit the code as I do in HTML to replace the actual images?

    My site is

    Sorry to bother.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. The Cuber object is a compiled flash script. As far asI know you are not able to change it.

    2. First /wp-content/themes/display/framework/kclass_display_box.php. Then, scroll the code near the bottom until you find the line:

    echo '< a href="'.get_permalink().'" class="more-link">Read more</ a >';

    Change the text Read more to modify it on the homepage.


    For the search box open /wp-content/themes/display/footer.php and find the line near 74 that says:

    <h4>Search Site</h4>

    Change Search Site to change it on the homepage.

    3. Are you wanting to prevent the magnifying glass from appearing, or the whole lightbox?

    4. The lightbox images are located in: /wp-content/themes/display/js/prettyPhoto/images/prettyPhoto/light_square/


    Hey man, thanks a lot for the answers.

    I’m really not used to pro and quick support.

    3. I want to prevent the magnifying glass from appearing. The idea is to force the visitor to click in the “Saiba mais” (former “Read More”) link.

    By the way, I found all the files you told me but some of them were in diferent folders. Is there any problem? The theme version I bought is 2.0.

    Thanks again.

    Marcelo Martins



    To remove the hover effect (image / video icon plus the change in opacity), open up /js/custom.js find and remove this code:

    var $image = jQuery(this).contents("img");
    $newclass = 'lightbox_video';

    if(jQuery(this).attr('href').match(/(jpg|gif|jpeg|png|tif)/)) $newclass = 'lightbox_image';

    if ($image.length > 0)
    if(jQuery.browser.msie && jQuery.browser.version < 7) jQuery(this).addClass('ie6_lightbox');

    var $bg = jQuery("<span class='"+$newclass+" ie6fix'></span>").appendTo(jQuery(this));

    jQuery(this).bind('mouseenter', function(){
    $height = $image.height();
    $width = $image.width();
    $pos = $image.position();
    $bg.css({height:$height, width:$width, top:$, left:$pos.left});




    Which files were in different folders?



    Hello James,

    Sorry for the delay.

    I don’t know if there anything wrong with it but I usually use the Editor menu at the WP admin to change the code.

    This time I had some trouble finding the files you told me so I went directly to the .php files on my computer. Change it and then uploaded them via FTP, subscribing.

    Just so you know, the “kclass_display_box.php” was at “displayframeworkclasses”. The footer.php was at the root folder.

    On a final question, how can I take out the “No Comment” text that appear on every page. I’m not using comments on my pages.

    Thanks a lot,

    Marcelo Martins


    @Marcelo: Oi! :-) I’m following this topic because I also want to remove the magnifying glass from my photos (will try James’ code in a second!)

    But then, I also noticed your comment about using the WP Editor to change your code. Being a newbie -like you- I find that editor to be extremely difficult to work with (you can get dizzy trying to find a particular word!!!) Plus, sometimes we see instructions pointing at a particular “line” of the code and I feel clueless on the WP Editor.

    Thankfully, a good friend of mine came to my rescue and suggested Note Pad ++ which you can download for FREE at:

    Thought about sharing the info with you, as we continue discovering the wonders of Kriesi’s themes. :)

    P.S. Oh! And I found this thread to be very helpful on the “Comments Off” topic, in case that you want to give it a try:


    Thanks prsol for your helpful comment.

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