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    Hi- I for some reason have ended up with a secondary search bar in my main content area- how can I remove?


    Probably you added the search form code ( ) to one of your template files? I’d download all theme files from the server (use ftp) and then search for the get_search_form function in all theme files. If you’ve found it locate the redundant code and delete it. Afterwards upload the modified theme files again.


    so I can’t just find it in my editor? – sorry I’m learning wordpress- and not the best with css and html. I’ve also made other changes so I’m scarred that I’ll mess something else up.


    Hi narisa,

    Can you tell us what page has that sidebar in the main content area (or you can post a link specifically to that page). It could be inside one of the following files:









    thank you for your help. so basically all pages except for the home has 2 search bars- I just need the one at the very top like the home.: I’ll took to see if I can find it too.


    I haven’t been able to find it : (


    Hi narisa,

    Inside your WP Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. On the right side, check Search (widget) in Displayed Everywhere and Sidebar Pages, remove Search if you can find it there.




    wow- can’t believe it was that obvious! thanks- allthough now for some reason I have all the other sidebar items there- that I don’t want.


    Hi narisa,

    By default, if no widget has been set inside the widget areas (like Displayed Everywhere and Sidebar Pages), the default widgets will appear.




    ok- so what do you suggest to keep it blank? is there a blank widget- or something like that?


    never mind! I figured it out


    Hi narisa,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. I have marked this thread as resolved. :)



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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