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    1. When I went to purchase the Flashlight theme off your site, it was priced at $50, but was then redirected to themeforest and then charged $55 and $2 surcharge – is this correct? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /616050?ref=Kriesi

    2. When I paid the $57 and started the install, I ran into a few issues and was trying to work out what version I have, it seems that I have version 1.8 and although I download other copies of it I am unable to get hold of version 1.9 – is 1.8 actually 1.9 or do themeforest not have the latest files and do I have to get them through ?

    3. I am just trying to get started and find out how to set things up and I am finding that I am running into a lot of issues (just setting up a test template) and I am not sure if it is my inexperience or a server issue or something else. But my main frustration is with the woocommerce shop menu, the website that I am just tinkering with is at scroll down to shop click on shop and it shows 2 entries without the thumbnails of the images, then click on the either one of the two product and the menu is all screwed up, also with no images?

    1st Problem (No thumbnails of the test images)

    2nd problem (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -copy (menu is not displaying properly)

    Wondering if you could please point me in the right direction. Also if you could spell out simply by where to go and how to fix the thumbnails and the squashing up of the shop menus I would really appreciate it, I am not a developer and I am just trying to help my lovely wife with her Photo website and to get it up and going, any help would be greatly appreciated – thank you.

    Current install from themeforest 1.8 Flashlight, WordPress 3.5, Woocommerce 1.6.6

    FYI, I have deleted the site completely twice, deactivated and reactivated plugins, deleted wordpress and reinstalled 3x etc… I feel it must be something that I am not doing or missing or a file permission maybe…

    Thanks heaps…


    Ill try

    1) Cant comment on, the owner would need to reply

    2) You have the latest version, I know that v1.9 is actually v1.8 it should be changed to stop confusing people.

    3) I also could not import the test date ( i purchased v1.7 about 8 months ago) I didn’t look into why it would not work, I guess it needs testing again by the admin staff, but I can verify it is not you :)

    I can see your shop, and it is a bit tricky to setup to be fair, I can also see your shop product and again, I did not have this display problem in v1.7 but after upgrading to v1.8 I did. I just tweaked the CSS to fix it

    I had to change the attribute found in (themes/flashlight/woocommerce-config/woocommerce-mod.css)

    .template-shop-single .product {

    overflow: hidden;



    .template-shop-single .product {

    overflow: visible;


    And then change (in the themes/flashlight/style.css)

    .entry-content {

    position: relative;

    width: 100%;



    .entry-content {

    position: relative;


    That will get you started, I also changed the width of my shop as I thought it was to narrow >> I am actually in the process of setting it up / testing it so its work in progress for now :) Im new to WP and Woocommerce so its a steep learning curve ATM



    Thank you so much for your reply… as you can see I have applied the changes and at least now the menu is displaying correctly, now the only issue is trying to make the image stay there, I have imported the picture (it is actually a sample picture from the demo – so I know it must be the correct size) but for some reason it refuses to show… is there also a trick to this? Or maybe a file format or sizing? Or simply something that I have not done correctly?

    By the way, I also had a look at your site, it looks amazing – love your photography, very well done!

    Thank you for your advice, really do appreciate it.


    Thanks for the nice words, im still learning photography too, been at it 12 months now :)

    Have you tried setting the image as “featured” on the right hand side of the page when you add the product ?

    Also have you added the image to the flashlight image gallery on the product page, ive found this is not a must but it ads it to the product description….

    I have found that the theme image set-up for products is well lets say not the best to be frank. You can only set one product image OR set as many as you like using the themes gallery, the problem arises say if you have 5 images per product and 100 products, you need to upload 500 images, there is no option to re-use the already uploaded images, which is a pain and extra server load and slows page loads in my opinion.

    I think im going to have to hack it up myself to get it sorted but I bet its not going to be easy


    Thank you again with helping me with this…

    This is still an issue for me, I am able to put it in through the gallery but I am unable to put it in through the “Set Featured Image” even if I import the dummy shop from WooCommerce and “Set Featured Image” with one of the Tshirts and then do an update and publish – it just disappears like magic… it is the weirdest thing and then inside the WordPress dashboard – the image is no longer there and you have to”Set Featured Image” but that doesn’t work either, I have setup two test websites to show you what I mean, and I think I will try and put this as a separate issue in the forum as it might get lost, really hoping someone might be able to tell me what is going on or if it is a server issue? The images are all under the uploaded folder and they have different sizing etc… and it seems they have been imported with 646 file attributes (There should be all product pictures on display but they are not displaying at all) (There should be a picture under the heading of the tshirt and it has disappeared, and also disappeared from the “all product list”) all I did here was set featured picture that was already set and then it disappeared? on two different sites??

    Here are the images of inside the dashboard

    Here I have set the featured image

    Here in the next step I have updated and published and the image has disappeared

    And in the All Products Menu and the actual product menu the image has disappeared

    I remember quite a long time ago with another WordPress theme that I needed to apply special file permissions to a JS folder, maybe it could be something similar?

    I am quite new to this and would really appreciate a simple approach to help resolving this incredibly frustrating issue please, thank you.


    Hi ctl,

    Flashlight doesn’t use the same gallery setup that WordPress does. Instead it uses its own implementation to give the theme more control over what it does with the gallery.

    Its a bit outdated but any changed would mean Flashlight is not backwards compatible for anyone updating.

    For an individual product, set your images using the Featured gallery below the visual editor. It does add new additional images but being photography based its all in an effort to have the most control over the photos and not as much generic use as is typical with a theme.

    This link: will just show your products. Its the main “shop” page and only shows a single image for each product. Right now I can see the images for the test products 2 and 3.

    For this link: make sure you first have an image in the Image Gallery below the visual editor. Then, go to the option “Gallery Layout” and make sure you have something other than “As background slider only” selected.



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