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    First question i need to switch the icon in my search bar from a rss feed to a facebook icon…..please provide coding…..if in the css please include where in the css

    Second Question: I need to have the ability to change the width of my sidebar to reasonable size i just need some coding that works i read this but it didn’t work for some reason i put the coding in the correct place but it just was not working for me again i need the answerer of this question to include where to implant the code within the css please be specific



    I believed you have a post with the same inquiry. Anyway, you can change the image associated with rss on your images > skin1 folder. Find rss_16.png and replace it with a facebook image.

    If you are using the “One Big Sidebar” option you can open your style.css and find this code

    #top .fullwidth_sidebar{

    Adjust the width.




    ismael im not working off of a local host im working inside of the control panel of wordpress is there any other way to be able to do it


    ok actually i just replaced the picture within my host provider file manager but its still not loading through wordpress


    You may need to hard refresh the page in order to refresh your cache. Just refresh the page a few times in a row to see the change.







    Glad it is successful. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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