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    Hi! I,m working in this web and i have 2 problems:

    – I need to change one gallery (exhibition walls), from fullscreen to 3 columns gallery, and when I change from “Gallery layout”, not obey… I only can see the photos when is a fullscreen gallery…. I have updated the theme, but is no changes.

    – Can I put a visible photo tittle and description in a fullscreen gallery?



    Hi, i tried again to change the type of gallery, and I tried to create a new one masonry gallery, but only works when I choose a fullscreen gallery. I don,t know what,s happen….! :(



    Can you give us a link to your website? We would like to inspect it, to give you a proper css solution.




    yes, is

    I’m waiting your answer, thanks a lot


    Hi crispis,

    When you updated the theme, did you replace all files with the new 2.3 version? There was a bug with 2.1 I think that would cause the layout to get change properly which sounds like your issue.

    So I would suggest turning off all active plugins and then re-uploading the theme files to make sure everything is updated and there is no file corruption.

    For the individual item information, the only option available with the built in theme options is to add the information to the images meta data and description field (when viewing the individual image in the wordpress media section for the caption/description). Then that information shows up as a small tooltip type popup when in fullscreen and you hover over the thumbnail strip at the bottom of the screen.




    thanks a lot, regards!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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