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    Hi there,
    using flashlight on the following site
    I’m getting a reoccurring problem:
    1. The following appears across the site
    Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error–end of buffer missed in /clientdata/zeus-dynamic-1/t/r/ on line 14
    2. The images that are on the pages as a background are no longer there? They are still however in the page set up of the dashboard.
    This really strange as it keeps on coming back. Can you help steer me in the right direction?


    Hey miscd1!

    It looks like you have an original version of the theme and unfortunately the updates at this point will only work with WordPress 3.6+. I’m not sure if you’ve not updated WordPress because of an old plugin or something like that but the issue is most likely an old bug which has since been fixed.

    So if you are able, updating WordPress to 3.8 and updating Flashlight to 2.4.1 should bring you up to date and fix the current issues.


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    No, the newest version is not responsive.

    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP:

    The same steps apply for both.

    I don’t know what the root cause of the line appearing and because of using both an outdated version of WordPress and the theme I couldn’t even try testing for it or attempt a fix.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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