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    I’d like to get the habitat with 2 languages selectable (french and english)? how may i do it ? do i need to install 2 Data Base, 2 wordpress ? and how to make them connected ?

    Gt translate how to install it on my website, i install the extension but i do not see it on my site:

    Thanks a lot,




    you can use WPML to translate your website (but you’ll have problems to translate the portfolio) or you can set up a multisite system (one wordpress installation with 2 blogs/websites). A tutorial can be found here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /


    I tried but not succed, it’s too complicated for me. And it created site in my main directory, i have many webiste in my hoster.

    I do not speek very well english.

    Someone could help me to manage it ?

    Thanks a lot, i am totally lost, i hope i didn’t make mistake in my server, i relord files modified and take off the define added.



    I’m sorry – setting up a multisite system is beyond the scope of this support forum. If you really need someone to do this for you I can help you on a freelancer basis.


    I just need an english version, my website will be a site for showing artists ans products with good mind, i mean i’am a freelance, and do not have money. But my project is to show up peoples (artists, praticers “ayurvedique, healer with good knowledges and all people with good heart as programmers who helped me to make my website, meetings…).

    How much will you ask me for that ? couldn’t we make a exchange link, i mean you could write me an article (that i will translate in french also), and show your releases on my website (categorie internet and programmers )? at this time i did this with a man from argentina who make me the structures of the prestashop site:

    I know you don’t need help to make yourself known, but maybe the project of terres d’ananda will interested you, and you could join the goal of it ?

    I need help to do this, thanks to let me know ;o)

    my email:

    (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Regards, bien à vous,




    at the moment I don’t have enough time to join other “charity” projects. I have do to several tasks for my student connection (website redesigning, I help to organise a ball, etc.) and I’m helping a friend with his website. In the next 3 weeks I take 4 exams so I’ve to work for university too. I’m sure you’ll find a good soul to help you with that. It’s not a complex task.


    How i could find someone ? for this task ?

    and i ‘d like also to change the size of the scrolling categorie on the right side ? thanks and good thinkings for your exams and others…



    Do you mean the category dropdown list on the right side?


    yes i do


    Pfff, nothing work anymore, the portfolio link show page 404. not found.

    Arff, all broken since i tried to instal multilanguage. i will never succeed alone.

    Thanks again,




    I think you can change the dropdown list width by adding following code to style.css:


    You can adjust the width to your needs.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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