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    I was trying to use 2 Column Code for single post – (Web site:, and Download full size screenshot) it doesn’t work. I even was trying to change width in css for “.one_half” – no results =( any way to fix it? I really need this function!


    The code you’re looking for can be found here:

    You need to use this shortcode in the page/post editor:


    Insert content 1 here...


    [one_half last]

    Insert content 2 here...


    The Dude


    Dude =) Exactly! I know about this short codes, I can read manual for theme. I’m saying that they are not working.


    The 1st thing I notice on this page is you have the pre tags around the code which are causing the problem. The one_half code is there and working but the pre code sets the width at full width. Can you check the page in HTML view in the editor and remove the pre tags?

    This should fix the layout problem, but let me know either way please.


    James Morrison

    Man you was totally right! I was too tired during last few days, only it can describe why I didn’t figure it out by myself. Thanks a lot friend!



    Awesome, marking as resolved and closing topic.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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