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    Two questions:

    1. I want to keep the thumbnail images the same size when my site goes from portfolio main page to portfolio product page. as it is now, they’re getting blown up to be the same size as the other images in the portfolio and the images are too small to support being made so large. How can I fix this?

    Examples from my site:

    Looks too fuzzy when thumbnail is blown up:

    Looks nice as a thumbnail:

    2. How can I remove the grey hover? I tried changing the theme option toggle for this, but it didn’t do anything.

    Thanks for your help!



    Hi Dante,

    1. This is a bit tricky. If you disable the auto width on the slideshow images then the overlay is still set to 100% and takes up the whole area and looks very odd. I’ve yet to find a solution for this for any of the themes.

    What I would suggest instead is to use the image option to not show your first portfolio image on the single page view so that the thumbnail isn’t even seen on the single page view. You can do this in the Theme Settings> Layou & Settings then the option for “Slideshow behavior on overview pages”, Choose the third dropdown “Display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images except the first one on single entries”.

    2. The gray hover option will be either on the template builder template for that specific portfolio area or in the Theme Options>Portfolio for that portfolio page.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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