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    just purchased your new theme CORONA and have some troubles concerning the menu. I’ve tried to figure it out with Firebug – but I had no success. Perhaps you could help me out, please.

    (1) Dropdown menu for submenu

    I need a dropdown menu for the submenu like the main menu has. I’ve tried to change the submenu within the WP 3 menu manager, but it has no effect, if I place an item as next level:</img&gt;

    (2) moving submenu under main menu

    Then I would like to move the submenu under the main menu as I have made this with a test layout in PS like this:</img&gt;

    CSS is normally no problem for me; but in this case I had no success with Firebug, because the submenu is part of the “header container”. Unfortunately, I haven’t any PHP knowledge.

    Many thanks, I appreciate your tipps and help!



    1) The top menu doesn’t support submenu items for now. I reported it to Kriesi as feature request. Another user requested it some days ago.

    2) If you’d like to avoid php mods I’d suggest to absolute position the sub menu nav. Use following css code:

    position: absolute;
    top: 30px;
    left: 0px;

    to move the complete bar or:

    position: absolute;
    top: 30px;
    left: 0px;

    to move the menu only.


    Just tried it, it works fine. Thanks a lot for your help.

    It would be great, if a theme’s update would come with the possibility of a dropdown level menu for the submenu :-)

    Is this difficult for a newbie like me to add this function for my own with your help?


    No it’s actually quite easy – you just need to add following code:

    .submenu .menu li div, .submenu .menu li ul{

    However it requires additional styling, js effects, etc. and that’s something I leave up to Kriesi…


    oh I see, that´s much beyond my knowledge. So I’ll wait, if Kriesi will offer it with an update. Thanks.


    I’ve just tried to add your CSS – so far so good, but it actually does not work with the CSS alone as real “drop down menu”.

    It isn’t possible to copy anyway the function of the drop down menu effect of the main menu to the submenu?


    Without a live preview it’s hard for us to recreate and test what’s going on. Unfortunately it’s not always as simple as copying a function but I wouldn’t know unless you can show us what you currently have.


    Hi Chris,

    the preview is here:

    I’ve just add the CSS as Dude said.

    I’ve added “Sitemap” – for a test – as a second level menu of the submenu item “Blog” with WP menu manager:

    Due to I haven’t any knowledge in jQuery etc., I’m not able to add the effects, that appear, if you – for example – use the drop-down for the main menu (this sliding in-sliding out effect, when hovering over “Templates” for example, in the demo theme):

    Do you have any idea, please?

    Thanks a lot!


    ok, seems to be not as easy? …

    Kriesi had answered at Themeforest in the comments concerning drop-down menu for the submenu of CORONA:

    Hey! It is on my todo list, unfortunately my schedule is really full so it will last at least another week until I can even think of working on my bugfix/improvement todolist. You will need to either pull it off yourself or wait one or two weeks for me to finish it :/

    I’m really looking forward to it :-)


    Just would like to know, if there are still any plans for updating this (dropdown menu für submenu)?

    Thanks a lot.


    Popular & interesting requests are put on a list, Kriesi works on them once he has time.


    I guess, there’s no chance for an update?


    Kriesi didn’t report back yet and I can’t answer “Yes” or “No”. Maybe he finishes a new project atm and will look into it afterwards.


    Is there any good news for me concerning dropdowns for submenu with a theme’s udpate :-) ?


    Unfortunately not at the moment, we are so busy with supports and fixing bugs that adding new stuff is only possible once in a while and then sorted by popularity and request count and this feature is pretty low on the list, sorry :/


    that’s sad, but ok … any plans for a new magazine theme? :-)

    I needed again one new ;-)


    I am releaseing a new blog theme at the end of the week, you can take a look at it here:

    not sure if its got all the features you need, not exactly a magazine theme. not sure when the next dedicated magazine will be released :)

    I”ll close this thread for now ;)

    Have a nice weekend!

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