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    Hello ! First of all, Thank you for your great design !! appreciate your hard work.

    And I have 3 big questions for you.

    1) I have using the Dark-skin right now , and the problem is that the default text is a little too difficult to see.

    1.1) I want to change the COLOR of the TOPIC text … i successfully change this though, but i change it in dark-skin.css, not the custom one … I think id better change it in the custom.css — please tell me how can i do this

    1.2) Change font SIZE of the TOPIC text — I am using “Reenie Beanie” heading font right now, and it turns out to be almost smaller than the content size

    1.3) Change the COLOR of the default CONTENT text (currently light gray)

    1.4) Change the COLOR of the HYPERLINK (currently Blue or Purple)

    the colors can hardly be seen under the dark-skin.


    2) I really wish to remove the “Enjoyed this post?” section.

    Remove the whole ..

    “Subscribe to our RSS Feed, Follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues!

    Share this post | Share on facebook”

    … thing

    2.1) I would like to REPLACE the enjoyed this post? section with the “AddThis” plugin buttons —- (I understand that this is not related to your theme setting , but it would be so great if you could help >.<)


    3) bug? in the TOGGLE bars — I tried inserting columns within the TOGGLE bar, and the result was a messed up toggle in which contains the columns. Please check it out.

    Looking forward to your reply !

    your answer is very very appreciate !

    Best, Thank in Advance


    it seems like all other posts have been replied, but not mine :'(

    I still need this to be answered though




    1) To change the topic text color/size use:

    #top .post-title {
    color: #333333;
    font-size: 13px;

    2) Link hover color:

    a:hover {
    color: #333333;

    3) I never used this plugin so I can’t tell you how to implement it but you can find/remove the code in shoutboxincludesauthor-social-box.php – search for following code and replace/remove it:

    <div class='social-box'>

    echo "<h3 class='miniheading'>";
    _e('Enjoyed this Post?','avia_framework');
    echo "</h3>";
    echo "<div class='minitext'>";
    _e('Subscribe to our','avia_framework');
    echo " <a href='";
    echo avia_option('feedburner',get_bloginfo('rss2_url'));
    echo "'>RSS Feed</a>, ";

    if($twitter = avia_get_option('twitter'))
    _e('Follow us on ');
    echo "<a title ='' href='".$twitter."'>Twitter</a> ";
    _e('or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues!','avia_framework');
    echo "</div>";
    <div class='share_stuff'>

    <!-- AddToAny BEGIN -->
    <a class="a2a_dd" href=""><?php _e('Share this post','avia_framework'); ?></a>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <!-- AddToAny END -->

    <!-- Facebook add BEGIN -->
    <a class="fb_share" type="box_count" href="<?php the_permalink();?>"><?php _e('Share on facebook','avia_framework'); ?></a>
    <!-- Facebook add END -->



    4) I think it’s not possible to nest toggles shortcodes/column shortcodes. I’ll ask Kriesi but as far as I know it’s a wordpress limitation.


    Thank you for your reply !

    I tried placing the codes into quick css, but sorry, it did not work

    1) so i tried editing the dark-skin.css instead

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, h4 a, h5 a, h6 a, #top .widgettitle, #top .widgettitle a, .miniheading, .related_single_heading, #top .post-title{

    color: #1e90ff; <<<

    font-size: 16px; <<<


    resulted in messy font size

    3) I also wish to change the COLOR of the default CONTENT text (currently light gray) because it is hard to see

    and one more request

    4) edit the main menu HOVER COLOR (currently white)



    Probably better to put your css changes into the custom.css file (that’s what it is for). That way you can easily find them and you avoid the risk of messing up the original code files.



    @melancolique – can you post a link to your website please. We can give you custom css code afterwards.


    sure ! its


    Changing content color is relevant for us as well, please, provide instruction!


    Please Instruct:

    ” 3) I also wish to change the COLOR of the default CONTENT text (currently light gray) because it is hard to see”

    – I also want to change the font type


    Looked for it in the CSS but couldn’t decipher


    You can change the content color/font family with following code (put it in css/custom.css):

    body {
    color: #F5F5F5;
    font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

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