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    i have face ccs broken when open with internet explorer v9 while running WP3.4.2 with Choices theme, the site css layout looks improperly display out (broken), but it works well with both Chrome v24.0.1312.57m and also Firefox v18.0.2, even with or without admin login, but not yet try Opera and Safari.

    this happens for quite sometimes, i had tried several possibility to solve this problem but still no luck, initially i thought is may just only caused by some plugins, but now i try and figure out when i switch to others several free themes while the ccs broken condition still there in IE browser, and it just works fine with those themes then i switch back to Choices theme the broken css layout happens again. ??

    i did not touch the plugins just switch among those themes and use the same version of browsers to test, but why other themes just works fine and Choices does not, especially for IE browser?

    is that any header code issue of Choices? any solution to solve it?


    Hi G,

    Can you provide a link to the site so we can take a look and inspect the site in IE?




    Hi Devin,

    you can using IE browser to test this site , i recently use IE v9, you can see the layout improperly display with some missing css.

    i had install some other free themes there, you can switch them between for testing, the login is:

    **removed login info by Devin**


    Hi G,

    There are a huge amount of additional jquery versions/libraries loading in as well as some overlapping css from other various plugins.

    First thing to try is just disable all active plugins so that you are just working with the theme. I’m not sure what the conflict is with IE, but my guess is that there is something clashing with the theme css and IE just doesn’t handle that difference as gracefully as Chrome does.




    it may have some plugins conflicts, i had been install/uninstall some plugins before, but seem like Choices Theme have conflicts with too many plugins and make my website can`t integrate with some other great and useful plugins for my project which i need those plugins to works for my website requests as well :(

    i just wonder why only Choices have this issue while other themes in my website can works fine on the IE and with those plugins running?

    do you have any solution for Choice theme?

    i don`t think inactive/disable the plugins is the only solution…because some plugins are really fit my project.

    btw, IE is one of the major browser and still have a lot of fans

    pls assist



    What you can do is re-enable each plugin individually and see if you can pinpoint which plugin(s) is the cause of the IE issue.

    The theme comes prepackages with a number of scripts, shortcodes, effects and things like that which can make it a bit more difficult to not cause conflicts with other plugins and even more so if those plugins are poorly coded.

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