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    Bit of an odd one this, but recently my portfolio entries aren’t displaying the first image in each multi-image entry.

    For example visit – then click the entry “Logo design, brand creation – South Feast and Feast Anglia”

    I’ve got a work around where I just enter the first image into the gallery twice but obviously this isn’t right and I’m concerned it may appear correctly elsewhere and look rubbish.

    If you could take a look I’d very much appreciate it (BTW just updated the theme and no change, still same issue).

    Also, wanted to say excellent job on the theme, it’s amazing and has saved me a huge amount of work re-skinning my own (plus mine would never be as dynamic/awesome as this) – well worth the $45 or so I spent on it and I’d recommend your themes to my friends and clients alike.





    I don’t see any problem or maybe I’m missing it. Although the ajax portfolio could use some adjustments. Please place this on your custom.css

    .ajax-portfolio-response-wrapper {
    margin-top: 20px;




    Thanks for your help. Seems just after posting this my server has gone down. So glad I did a back up last night! I’ve no idea how this has happened as all was working fine when I upgraded the theme last night.

    Thankfully all back online now and I thought the issue had resolved itself but turns out it’s is still there:

    If you click on this link (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -feast-and-feast-anglia/

    You’ll see it only displays one image, when there are 2 images in this entry. The first image is displayed on the portfolio page thumbnail (the south-feast logo)

    Thanks for the picking up the margin adjustments – this was fine before updating to the latest version on ThemeForest.


    Hey Nathan,

    I’m not able to pull up your site right now but it sounds like you have the option selected to only show a single image on overview pages. This can be changed in the theme options Layout & Settings tab. Look for the option “Slideshow behavior on overview pages”.




    Thanks for replying Devin, sadly the resolution isn’t that simple. Each portfolio entry that has multiple entries seems to lose the first entry in overview but displays it in thumbnail view. A work around is to double the first gallery entry for that portfolio item so when it goes to overview and loses the first entry it doesn’t matter as the next entry is the same (I’ve done this for the “Beyrouths” entry here ). It’s very unusual and seems to co-incide with the latest update to WordPress. I’ve had a look through all the Theme settings and gallery display preferences and I can’t see anything that might cause this – I wonder if the latest media/gallery tool in WordPress is the culprit?


    Hi, It’s fixed now – I’ve reinstalled the theme and all seems to work fine.

    Thanks for all your input.

    BTW I LOVE the Flashlight theme, think I might give that a go next!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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