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  • Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your answer, and I’m really glad you’ll work on this. The blog works very well as it is, so we’re talking about going from good to great and I’ll wait for when you have time of course. Don’t forget to let me know! :)

    Just to make sure you understand my second point, I illustrate my blog with 2 kinds of photos:

    – Decorative images, either stock or public domain, and I prefer for them not to have the “Hover + Lightbox” effect because it simply opens the same photo again, and I find it disappointing and useless for my readers. So at this stage, I suppressed all links but if you find a way that they can be clicked and send to the post without switching to “Hover + Lightbox” once we’re already in the post: great!

    – Art Photography (by me), which I really want to value and emphasize, as in the article I pointed to – . Now in this case, I’d like to have the “Hover + Lightbox” effect both in the blog / post (which is what you have already and I love it) AND also for other photos inside the article, quite like the one of the cave that you can see in the middle of the mentioned post. Here I’d like people who hover this image to see the looking glass and click on it to have it in a larget size too. I noticed I can do this with linking the image to itself in html, but it creates an underlining “at rest” and an orange frame “when hovered” and I’d like to have just the nice and elegant same feature as in the main photo…

    Well, all in all I’ve sorted most of the issues I cared about and My blog is taking off again so thanks for everything and do keep me posted if you find it interesting to develop a shortcode for images to be emphasized within articles too.

    Kind regards,


    Hello again,

    one last question regarding this: how can I make the opposite effect = instert a photo that WILL have the hover effect and open in a lightbox if it is clicked on. I see how to create a gallery but then the photo is reduced to the small square thumbnail instead of being nicely resized for the column width.

    Typically I would like to do this in the following article, which is about a photo of mine (top) but displays another taken along the way. I’d like the viewers to be able to see it also in a larger lightbox format as the one on top : Is it possible?

    Thank you again for all your help.

    Kind regards,



    good point. I’ll use the opportunity to redefine the media library altogether (I found out that closer to the root adress is better for search engines…) and reload all the images at 1305×870 pixels with a good JPEG compression and fine-tuned sharpening layers on Photoshop, as I’ve noticed it’s the size the Lightbox uses for HD screens.

    Removing the hover effect would be just perfect. My objective here is to clearly differenciate the posts about (and with) my own photographs from the ones which I just illustrate with other images, as I’m actually merging all of my former blogs into only one and some posts will be about me as a photographer, while others will be more about other activites (book writing, my experience as an entrepreneur, etc.)

    Thank you so much for your assistance! I’m really enjoying blogging again after a (too) long break and it’s also thanks to your great template and timely help :)

    Kind regards,


    Dear Nick,

    thank you for taking up! :)

    So I reinstalled everything but it didn’t solve any of these points! But…

    1) Black dots investigation

    I tried changing the template to another color… And the black dots didtn’t appear anymore. I switched back to “Full Purple” and now they’re gone for good! Go figure… So all I can say is that they appeared twice when I installed the “Full Purple” color at first and disappeared when I changed it and came back to it.

    2) The Twitter Riddle

    is still a riddle. Can’t figure it out. All the more strange that the Twitter widget works, just not “Twittet and RSS” even though I see what you get when you try it… And I’m so jealous of you! Well, I guess I can live without the Twitter subscription count.

    3) Hover mystery

    When I program “link to the article” it gives this: (hover in article > lightbox)

    When I program “no link” it gives this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / (hover in article > nothing)

    And then of course when you go back to the homepage, one of them the photo connects to the article and the other it does nothing. Now just to be clear, what I would like ideally is for the photo to connect to the article… And THEN when we’re inside the artice that it leads nowhere and doesn’t pop up in the lightbox view when clicked. Possible?

    4) Article Decimation

    Done! Thank you very much for pointing me in the good direction :)

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Legacy headache: blog page, comments format and a few glitches #92016

    Hello Devin,

    So I let a little time go and here’s where I stand:

    – Comments look great, all problems solved there thank you so much! :)

    – Still have the black dots on the social network icons. It’s nothing I know, but I can’t help but see them… :( Did your friends in the support crew propose anything for this? Everything else looks so tidy…

    – The “Twitter and RSS” Widget still only shows RSS and it’s been 5 days now. I just put my twitter name without the @ or (of course) the Twitter adress, is it what I should have done? I’m really sad this doesn’t work because, needless to say, I have more twitter followers than RSS ones, even though I care deeply for these last ones! ;)

    And of course, I have a few other questions now! ;)

    – Unless I turn all links off, the first image of my posts always open the image viewer when they are hovered then clicked. Is there a way that images link to the articles when they appear in the blog or categories… But don’t react when hovered in the article themselves?

    – How can I make my blog (as it is the frontpage of the site) show only 5 articles instead of 10?

    For the rest I’m all completely happy with your template. I believe it’s one of the best I’ve seen with InFocus maybe… Kudos for your fantastic work! :)


    in reply to: Legacy headache: blog page, comments format and a few glitches #92014

    Hello Devin,

    thank you so much for your quick answer!

    #2 : You were right, it’s much better with the avatars and I see now that the other issue is with the “reply” hypertexte link below them: it’s translated with “repondre” in French, which is a bit longer than “reply” and seems not to be centered correctly so it eats on the beginning of the texte. I must have translated this myself somehow a few years ago and maybe aligned it the wrong way for your template, but I don’t know where to go to change and correct it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Also, I notice that the very first “Reply” link (which must be the one for the post itself) is strangely positioned now on the left outside of the frame below the NB of replies. You can still check it out here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -buissonniere/#comments Any idea regarding this?

    #3 : the twitter widget now works fine, you were right! I can’t get the ‘Twitter and RSS’ one to work for Twitter yet though. I guess I’ll wait also or could it be something else I did wrong?

    #4: Thank you for your effort, I’m quite curious too.

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Legacy headache: blog page, comments format and a few glitches #92012

    Litte update 5 hours later…

    1. That’s ok, I found how to create a nice homepage

    2. Can’t find how to reboot the comments template: help! :)

    3. RSS works but none of the twitter widgets… :S

    4. Definitely black dots on my social icons, on PC and iPhone/iPad. Can’t imagine why.

    Thank you for considering my message and have a nice day,

    Kind regards,


    PS: I really love your theme, makes me want to dive back into blogging! :D

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