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    ive seen this in envato wp woocommerce themes, and i wonder if its possible.

    can we have two buttons, in the single product page that is linked to the next and previous products.

    Example lets say i go to shop on the demo abundance website, and i click on show details on one of the products then somewhere on the page i will see two buttoins that will let you surf the products.



    Hi capmaticenvato,

    I looked into it a bit but I don’t see anything mentioned about what kind of a hook to use in the woo commerce docs.

    I’ll tag Kriesi on the topic is it may need to be added in as a feature if there isn’t already a function within the plugin for it. No gurantees on if it will or will not get added though.




    np ill wait for more response on it

    cause i seriously think for small ecommerce business online that has 5 to 10 products to have an option like that. Cause its always nice to give the visitor on the site that extra option

    besides related products and widgets


    I’ll lock the topic for now and when Kriesi takes a look at it he can comment on if it further.




    Hey! Sorry currently there is no such feature planned. if the request pops up in the future a few more times from other customers we might think about it but for now you would need to hire someone who can customise the theme for you.

    Best reagards


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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