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    I have a problem and Devin closed the topic without solution.

    Devin said that he couldn’t see any poblem in plugin’s code. So isn’t this mean, the problem is in Newscast codes? So the responsibility is yours. I think Kriesi or the moderators could do something but they don’t. I think they do not fulfill the need for accountability and they cop out. Because, though they could solve the problem, they suggest me to use another widget instead of solving the problem.

    I insist to use the ultimate twitter widget and I know you could do something but you don’t. I paid for Newscast. Not only for Newscast but also Habitat. I purchased 2 Kriesi themes. But I am not satisfied from the supporting.

    I won’t suggest anyone to use Kriesi tehemes. I wrote to him but he did not answer. If you are the developer, I think you shouldn’t have a right to be arrogant as you are.

    I am so dissappointed for purchasing this theme. I feel I payed through the nose.


    Hi sulker,

    I’m sorry you feel let down in our support. We unfortunately can not be developers for every bit of code available.

    As I pointed out in the previous thread the plugin in question actually has problems with other themes as well. This means the issue is not limited to Newscast but spans across other themes. In these instances we always ask that the user contact the developer who is the party responsible for their own code.

    Code is not universally understood at a glance and it takes time and a significant effort to debug another programmers code if you are not familiar with it.

    I’ve tagged this for the head of support as well.




    First of all I am still waiting answer from Kriesi? Why didn’t he reply? Why is he so arrogant? İsn’t there any responsibility of him?

    In the other hand, you know your themes codes and also you’ve seen the the plugin’s code I’ve sent. So you could see source of mismatch and debug it?

    I also tried to get in touch with the developer of the widget, but I can’t reach him/her. So I couldn’t anything about th poblem. You suggest me to find a developer to debug my problem. There are unfair and non-moral points for this offer:

    1- I paid for this theme with its support part and the reponsibility belongs to you, not anyone outside.

    2- I should not pay anymore for supporting or modifying for this theme. I paid at once and this must be enough to get service. If I hire a developer to solve my problem, I’ll pay to this service but I shouldn’t.

    3- A developer from outside could not be the foundation issue as you could. Because he/she doesn’t know the codes of Newscast as you know. Ultimately you are the coders of Newscast. Also it will take time to has knowledge of the subtleties of for the developer outside.

    Finally, if you insist me to hire a developer outside, then I can say “OK I can do it, but I’ll send the bill to you for you should to pay it”. Do you accept?


    Sorry but I don’t understand why it’s our responsibility to fix a broken plugin. Some forum posts: (i.e. or (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-wrapper-container ) indicate that the plugin html output is broken and also Nick told you that the div/sidebar structure of the theme breaks if you use the plugin. If you really think our theme is the problem activate the plugin and check your website with the w3c validator: – probably you’ll get some div errors then. Afterwards deactivate the plugin and check your website with w3c a second time. Probably you’ll get no errors (like the demo website: ) or (at least) less html errors because the widget doesn’t add invalid & crappy html code to your website. In addition I don’t understand why you want to use this plugin – the widget is full of backlinks/ad stuff which has a negative impact on your seo…


    I want to use it because it seems good and it is compatible with the concept of my site. The check page you gave the link of it above, I think it is not the criterion because it finds also erors and warnings to the big proffessional sites like twitter: or facebook: may be you will be surprised google:

    If you read careful, you will see that what I mean. I said if I use the widget in right sidebar, there is no problem, but when I use it in left sidebar -as I want- there is a problem. It is clear that there is a partial (not completely) mismatch between the widget and theme. And as the coders of the theme you can solve this problem. I sent you before also a picture of another theme. When I used this plugin in that theme “Modern News” there is not poblem. So this means that the plugin is incompatible with some themes like Newscast and as the coders of the theme you could fix it. But I think, you think that it takes too time to fix it and so no one of moderators, neither Kriesi want to deal to fix it. I think you could overcome this mismatch problem but you don’t want.


    No we can’t fix it on our side because the plugin produces an invalid html output. And obviously you need to differentiate between minor html error and html errors which break the content structure/div layout of a website (basically all “unclosed element…” errors are bad and will break the website – more about this topic can be found here: ). So the w3c validator is a criterion in this case and I see no reason why we should make our theme code invalid just to support the (broken) twitter widget…


    Let me remind the situation and what you wrote. I sent the codes of plugin to you and Devin wrote this: “I’m not seeing the issue looking through the plugin code…” Where? Here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -on-the-right-sidebar

    The first sentence of the last message. After then I said that if there is no problem with the codes of plugin/widget, the responsibility to fix it belongs to you. Also I added and ask to you: Plugin works in another theme smooth and without problem. Why isn’t working it in Newscast though you said there is no problem with its codes?

    And after these you are saying now there is problem with plugin’s codes. I should ask again: Since there is a problem in the plugin and the source of problems and troubles I have is the plugin, so why is it working in another theme smooth? I try it myself in “Modern News” theme and it works smooth. I see and experienced it myself. Though you told the technical explanation of its errors, how can it work with another theme smoothly?

    And if it can works with anothr theme, why could not it work with Newscast. At this point isn’t the responsibility of fixing or explaining this contradictory situation yours?


    I’m not sure how Devin checked the widget code. It definitely outputs invalid html code (see forum posts above and W3c checks). Again it’s not our task to investigate third party code and it’s not Devin’s task to check where the error in the widget code is. Please contact the author of the plugin. I can’t say why it works with certain themes and doesn’t with others but most likely it depends on the styling/css code and how the sidebars float in the content area. If the div structure is broken (and the plugin breaks the structure) then the styling code won’t give you proper results.



    If you really want to help me I have an offer to you.

    I find another widget looks like as “ultimate twitter profile widget”. But the difference is, the screen of it does not flow down as in the ultimate one. The screen is stable. I ask you if you can help me about this situation.

    So someone who knows php codes do 2 things about this I think:

    1- By looking “ultimate twitter profile widget”s codes, the screen flowing feature could be transfer to the the other one.


    2-By looking “twitter widget”s codes, the problem of “ultimate twitter profile widget” could be fix.

    So, do you really want to help me?


    Hey Dude,

    I fixed the problem. Lets have look to my page:

    I get another plugin which named “Twitter User Pofile” and get same result :)

    Now I can ask the questions about my othe problems. They are easier than this one. And they are all about only the site, not the widgets…

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