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    If I make changes to any php or css files, should I copy them into the child directory so that they don’t become over written when I update the parent theme?



    Hi alex2545,

    For the most part, when you want to make a change to something in the parent theme you will add a css rule that overwrites it or a new php function to the child theme.

    If you wanted to make a big changes, then you would add the file to the child theme completely. Ex – using a different single.php, the single.php in the child theme will be used instead.




    Ok, thanks Devin.

    All the stuff that’s in the Quick CSS box – does that get overwritten upon theme updates? Should I put that in a custom css file in the child theme if I don’t want it overwritten?

    Thanks again!


    Hi alex2545,

    Any changes you made to the template files including custom.css and functions.php will get overwritten by the theme update unless you are using a child theme. But, just to make sure, just backup your custom.css file.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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