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    I’ve used Flashlight for my client project :

    My client is not happy about the delay between appearance of the page and appearance of the background image : we see grey background for several seconds before background image arrives (it depends on the browser and the computer of course) .

    I tried to reduce size and weight of my pictures : it’s better but not fine anyway

    Is there any way to improve this situation ? Please help me because my client is annoying me with that ;)

    And another bug : on home page, on ipad, content disappears after loading. Any idea ?

    Thanks for the help and your solidarity ;)



    You can use caching plugin to help with the loading time. Try these

    Of course compressing the images to a much smaller size will help too.





    I’m already using super cache and I reduced images’ size ;(

    maybe there’s a setting in super cache that I missed and it would improve situation ?


    Hi zinocb73,

    That background image is far too large to expect anything else. You should aim for something around 100kb if you want to try and eliminate any kind of a delay.

    Outside of that, there really isn’t anything we can do since the loading is entirely dependent on the image size and how fast it gets served from the host to the user.




    OK. But when a page has been visited, why the picture still loads each time we visit it ?

    On some websites, there’s a loading time the first time you visit a page and then you get it immediatly when you go back to the page. Can you explain to me why it’s different with your theme ?

    Is there any way to avoid that in the javascript code ?



    I’d like to put the background slider off and simply see attached background picture : isn’t there any way to do that with the .js scripts ?

    This way, we could avoid or at least, minimize appearance of the background color before background picture. Thanks for your help


    You are talking about caching and it will happen if the site is visited a few times. I don’t know of any code that will force it to be cached on the initial visit.

    Unless you want to re-code how the background image is added into the site, you’ll need to live with the image being set as a single slideshow image. Though I don’t think you’ll get any performance increase by hard coding it as a background image over it being a list item.


    OK, too bad ;(

    I thought we could adjust parameters in javascript.

    I hope my client won’t go on fedding me up with this. Thank you.


    You can try and shrink the image further with:

    Unfortunately you may have to firmly explain that an image must be downloaded from the hosting server which could be in another country or another part of the world. Even with technology, there are limitations.



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